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It would have been around 1999 that I officially became a pro wrestling fan; a title that still remains with me to this day. Before that, my only connections to wrestling were old VHS tapes of 80’s wrestling featuring the likes of the Bushwackers, Million Dollar Man, Ultimate Warrior and of course the immortal Hulk Hogan.

Like most things in life, I became a pro wrestling fan by accident. It was the 90’s, and being an eight year old boy during that time meant I owned a Playstation. Beat ’em up games were my favourite, from Street Fighter to Tekken, I just couldn’t get enough. I stumbled across a game called WWF Warzone and instantly fell in love with it. My favourite character was a black dude who had an awesome combination of kicks and punches on the game who I would later learn goes by the name The Rock. One saturday morning, I flicked through the channels and found myself stopping on Sky One which aired WWF Smackdown in the UK at this time. I saw a match that featured the British Bulldog who went to pin a wrestler for a 3 count, only to have the mat counted once, counted twice …. but then the referee (who looked all too familiar) shouted, “it doesn’t matter if The Rock counts to 3”. I was hooked.

Years passed. I would witness the epic riverely of Austin and Mcmahon, The Rock and Austin to the most recent Cena and The Rock. I would shout my house down the night after No Way Out 2002 when Hulk Hogan and The Rock went face to face as they announced their Wrestlemania 18 main event. A year before that, I would stare in disbelief as Shane Mcmahon’s music would hit on Raw, but he would walk down a WCW Nitro ramp to announce he now owns WCW. I would tune in to Wrestlemania every year to witness Undertaker pave his legacy with his undefeated streak, to see it broken by Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30.

Fast forward 18 years, I still see myself as a fan who tunes into WWE programming weekly and has attended a vast amount of WWE, TNA and indie shows such as WCPW. On April 2nd 2017, I finally lived out my childhood dream by attending Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando Florida. I witnessed the incredible return of the Hardy Boys and felt the heartbreak of The Undertaker walking into the sunset and laying to rest his 27 year career. I will blog about that experience as well as review other Indie and WWE shows in the near future. I hope you enjoy them.