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Growing up, I could never decide if i wanted to be Gordie Lachance spending my summer with friends trying to find a real dead body to be local heroes, or Mikey Walsh and the rest of his goons seeking one-eyed Willy’s treasure to save their parent’s from eviction, or maybe John Bender simply finding love in detention one Saturday afternoon. Then there’s my love for Alfred Hitchcock who helped fuel my irrational fear for birds and made me think twice before checking myself into any old motel. One thing I always knew for sure though, I really love the power of film.

My first recollection of a television set was a square-shaped one with a fat back and wooden sides on it. There was only four terrestrial channels back then. Whether I was chanting ‘go go Power Rangers’ or trying to recreate the latest Art Attack project, I was always glued to the screen. Throughout the years, I found myself getting immersed into surreal world’s that involved characters I genuinely cared about. From rooting for Jack to uncover the true meaning behind the mysterious island, to finding myself cheering for joy over the death of Marissa Cooper (god I hated her), I was always hooked.

I believe film and Television are powerful tools to create an intimate connection between ourselves and a fictional world filled with three-dimensional characters and desires beyond our grasp. Although, there is a story outlined with protagonists and antagonists, we are given the ability to choose who we cheer on. We can immerse ourselves in a world unreachable in reality with blood thirsty dragons to wizards to simply adventure. Of course, not every film and television show entails these features, and I will be reviewing those terrible ones as well. Nevertheless, I can confidently proclaim my love for film and television, so please scroll through my blog posts and enjoy my reviews.